Welcome to our new onyx apple jar and stash ball page!

Here are some more new additions for your enjoyment. The "stash" balls are really nice for small items, coins, rings, candy dishes; or anything else you don't want to lose. The apple jars with lids are among our biggest sellers.  We started calling them "apple jars" because of their shape. For expanded view, descriptions and secure order cart, simply click the photos of your choice.  Thank you for taking the time to view these items.



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Ball jars

3 x 3 inches

sold out

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Click photo to see enlarged "ball" with lid off.



Small Fossil apple jars

 approx 3 x 3 inches


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smfossiljar-5.jpg (365128 bytes)

smfossiljar-6.jpg (354837 bytes)

smfossiljar-7.jpg (288844 bytes)



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Small Onyx apple jars

 approx 3 x 3 inches


smapplejar-5.jpg (113419 bytes)

smapplejar-6.jpg (108624 bytes)

fossilbowl-1.jpg (231046 bytes)

Large Fossil Jars

4 x 4 inches

temporarily sold out

Small Fossil Box

smfossilround-1.jpg (206608 bytes)

smfossilround-3.jpg (207434 bytes)



Large Fossil Box

lgfossilround-2.jpg (259509 bytes)


Large Apple Jars

4 x 4 inches


Temporarily sold out



Small onyx jars

1 7/8 x 2 inches


Click photo to see enlarged "jar" with lid off.



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